CPS Services

CPS Offers the following Services:
  • Onsite Medical support for:
    Oil & Gas, Mining, Pipeline, Seismic, Logging, Construction, Road Construction, Plant
    Construction, Plant Turn Arounds, Plant Dismantlement, and more.
  • Clinic Work sites and Site-Wide Services
  • Site Transportation – Crew Change Vehicles
  • Oilfield Services with Aboriginal Joint Venture
  • Industrial Security with Aboriginal Joint Venture
  • Special Events for Alberta and BC:
    Sporting Events
  • Training (see below)
  • Medical Management (see below)
  • Onsite Drug & Alcohol Sceening – SAMHSA Certified
  • ISNetworld – Waiver of Subrogation

We employ only top quality highly trained on site medical personnel at all levels including advanced life support staff. CPS operates under the direction of our appointed Medical Director for all services.

We have the following staff available at all Licensure Levels for Alberta and BC overseen by an in-house MD and Paramedic Operations Manager:
  • EMT-P
  • EMT
  • EMR
  • RN
  • Occupational RN
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Occupational First Aid Attendant Level III

CPS also offers Site Wide Services using today’s technology and our Management
system to maintain constant site coverage of all medical personnel and contractors working in remote

Classroom available for rent – for approx. 16 students

CPS will work closely with your team to give you “Added Value”
  • Claims Management
  • Pre-Employment Medical Screening
  • Rehabilitation and Return-to-work
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Assist in site specific EPP
  • Training and Education
  • Safety Committees
  • Accident Investigation
  • Liaison with the Ministry Officials
  • Notice of Compliance
  • Employee Orientation
  • Journey Management
  • Winter Driving
  • Journey Management Winter Driving Orientation

Disclaimer: Although we are not classified as a Safety company, it is our very high standard of practice to help the Health and Safety Divisions achieve and maintain each and every one of the expectations on a consistent basis while our staff perform their duties at the work place.