Sustainable Development Commitments

The following table contains nine specific actions Canadian Paramedical Services along with their JV Company Willow Lake Paramedical Services is taking to integrate our Sustainable Development Commitments into our scope of work and the Communities involved. Please note that these focus areas highlight the related commitments of work already taking place.

CPS and Willow Lake Paramedical Services Sustainable Development Commitments
CPS and WLPS Action Plans
CPS and WLPS Long-Term Direction Plans
Invest in our Employees well-being and development We will ensure all employees are fully trained and will maintain their standard for re-certification.

We will ensure all employees are fully oriented to the scope of work, equipment and environmental surroundings.

We will continue to grow and network to develop strategic partnerships with clients to promote a multicultural work force.

We will ensure professional development is maintained through positive feedback on performance and work ethic.

We will continue to develop a strong leadership team by way of promotion and expectation.

We will continue extensive training programs and implement venues of online courses for further development.

We will continue to track and measure workplace exposures for best health and ergonomic practices. Key health performance indicators will be reported.

We will continue to track employee work ethic through positive feedback and supply access to venues to further develop training.

Be Accountable Managers for the highest ethical standards We will use effective communication and positive feedback to continually have an open door policy.

We will provide the training necessary to further develop a strong team of Managers and continue to hold daily and/or weekly meetings for accountability.

We will constantly look to improve Managers positions by way of making sure they have the correct tools to provide a high ethical standard.

We will continue to use our reporting systems for accountability and professional ethics and provide incentives for growth in the company.

Positively impact local communities wherever we operate for best Training and Employment opportunities. We will interact with the local communities where we work to bring economic value for sustainability.

We will provide venues through our scope of practice for training, education and employment opportunities.

We will participate in local events to contribute to our key stakeholders venues.

We will continue to explore resources for best training and employment outcomes and utilize all appropriate venues for such.

We will enhance employee and client awareness in local Aboriginal communities through specific Cultural Awareness Training.

We will contribute to our local Joint Venture groups for growth and sustainability of the People.

Operate to the highest safety standards We will consistently use proper inspection and reporting procedures on and off site for all equipment, supplies and environmental conditions.

We will continue to implement our Safety procedures and provide orientation and training to all office and field staff for best practice understanding.

We will follow all OH&S Provincial guidelines and will not jeopardize employee safety and integrity while working within our medical scope of practice on all projects.

We will involve our staff within our Health & Safety policies to effectively create a commitment to a “positive Health & Safety Culture.”

We will continue to work closely with on site Health and Safety Supervisors and will provide safe practice implementation to support the goal of zero record-able incidents, injuries and illnesses on all projects.

We will continue to provide appropriate training and education online and in the classroom for growth and long term viability.

We will continue to develop and implement new safety policies for sustainable growth within our Health and Safety program.

We will continue to; Set our Policies, Organize our Staff, Plan and set our Standards, Measure our Performance, Learn from our Experiences and document through Audit and Review.

Hold the highest integrity for accountability in all our reporting procedures both financial and nonfinancial We will remain transparent and accountable in all our reporting procedures to ensure key stakeholder & client assurance.

We will ensure our scope of reporting will be in alignment with key stakeholder’s & client’s expectations.

We will implement long term systems by way of managing spending and capital planning to enable growth and alignment with key stakeholders & clients.

We will develop strong reporting systems to maintain economic change and growth.

Continually foster relationships for solid business practices that benefit all local resources We will continually hold the highest integrity for all our clients and key stakeholders by open communication and effective problem solving.

We will continue to develop and implement training, education and employment for sustainable development and growth of the local community’s economic values.

We will consistently look for new opportunities to grow with clients and key stakeholders and provide the resources required to sustain successful project outcomes.

We will develop strong relationships within the local communities through involvement with NAABA, the Chamber of Commerce, etc for effective business planning.

We will continue to utilize all local training agencies, programs, businesses and venues for project requirements and client’s demands.

We will work closely with our JV Partners to increase the project capacity, turning profit back into the JV Agreement for community benefit.

Deliver long-term value and success to our local stakeholders We will manage company cost and capital planning to enable growth and deliver key stakeholder return.

We will use effective communication in all our client and key stakeholder relationships using an open door policy.

We will consistently measure performance using review and audit.

We will continue to grow in solid relationships and foster new ones through program development for value and success to all clients and key stakeholders economic margins.

We identify the long term value can only be achieved starting from solid relationships. We will provide venues for scholarships to be awarded to successful student applicants.

Provide consistent and professional Health Care to our clients We will only employee trained professionals with proof of licensure.

We will follow all OH&S Provincial standards and continually work under the direction of our Medical Director

We will consistently measure our performance, review & audit.

We will maintain our commitments to providing the highest level of care according to project requirements and continue to work closely with Health and Safety Supervisors for new program development.

We will provide continual training for all staff along with clients and key stakeholders.

Continually Measure Performances We will measure project success according to desired specifications within the specified budget, within the promised time schedule while keeping the customer and stakeholders happy.

We will benchmark continually for process improvement by:

  • Determining what to benchmark
  • Define the measures
  • Develop data collection methodology
  • Collect the data
  • Identify deficiencies in the use of best practices and project management performance
  • Identify reasons for deficiencies.
  • Develop an action plan
  • Integrate best practices into the project delivery process
  • Institutionalize bench-marking as part of a continuous improvement program.

We will achieve performance measurement and analyze best performance to reach a desired goal of zero record-able incidences, reduce injury, cost of injury and medical emergencies through Claims Management practices.

We will continually view and review our bench-marking procedures as an integral part of project management processes. We will build advocacy into our system to establish an organizational culture that is ready to assess, compare and analyze performance which will be used by others when they are identified.

We will continue to adopt our policies for organizational commitment to continuous improvement, acceptance of new ideas and keep communication open to expect cooperation at all levels.

We will remain involved with our clients and key stakeholders to provide continuity within their own performance measuring policies.

We will apply post project bench-marking to assess performance of a project delivery system and establish benchmarks for future comparisons.