Why CPS?

Our success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet and exceed their expectations of Service, Expertise and Price.

CPS offers the following Services
  • Provide training mentorship and employment
  • Thorough understanding of the industrial and legistalative requirements across Canada
  • Fully understand the need to control manageable costs
  • Experienced claims management
  • Assistance in site specific ERP (emergency response planning)
  • Reduce offsite referrals, increasing productivity, lowering manageable costs
  • Onsite SAMHSA drug & alcohol screening
  • Insist on team pre-planning to prepare clear direction for seamless field execution
  • Save YOU time, save YOUR Money
  • Experienced in providing medical services to large scale projects in oil & gas, construction, mining and more
  • Single source solutions
  • Local aboriginal stakeholder utilization
  • Online eLearning and in-house development
  • Long-term professional relationships
Medical Clinic
Mobile Treatment Centre